Routine Maintenance of Tractor

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The tractor plays a significant role in mechanised agriculture. To keep it working for a long time at a minimum cost, it requires an adequate and timely maintenance. Read the maintenance manual given by the tractor manufacturer and follow the procedures mentioned.

To make your tractor efficient and cost effective, avail the services of a skilled mechanic, use the right grade of oil and genuine spare parts.

Daily / Everyday (After 8-10 hours of work)

1. Check the level of oil in the engine. It should be done 15 minutes after the engine has cooled down. If found deficient, the level should be replenished with engine oil of the right grade.

2. Check the water of the radiator and refill it.

3. Clean the air cleaner and check the oil level. If it is less, fill it to the required level. Fill clean oil in case the existing oil has become dirty.

Weekly (After 50-60 hours of work)

1. Repeat the daily maintenance measure.

2. Check the air pressure in the tyres. If the pressure is low, get the necessary air.

3. Check the elasticity of the fan-belt under the pressure of the thumb. It should stretch to a degree of 12 & 18 mili-meters.

4. Clean the air pressure and fill it with an oil of the right grade.

5. The water stored in the oil filter should be drained out by the drain plug.

6. Check the water-level of the battery. If water is found below the limit, fill it with distilled water.

7. Check the level of the oil in the gear box.

8. Apply grease to the clutch shaft and bearings, brake control, bearing of the fan, hub of the front wheel, tie rod and the radious cross, etc.

After a fortnight (120 to 125 hours of work)

1. Repeat the weekly schedule of maintenance.

2. Apply oil to the Dynamo and the starter.

3. Clean the carbon in the smoke-tube.

4. Change the engine oil. To do so, keep the tractor in starting position for a while and then switch it off so as to heat up the entire oil, then drain out the oil through the drain plug and fill fresh and clean oil of the right grade.

5. In case the oil filter is made of paper, element, cloth, felt, etc. change them. Clean the metallic oil filter.

6. Check the feel play of clutch and brake, it should be 15mm long. Adjust it according to the need.

Monthly (After 250 hours of work)

1. Repeat every step of fortnightly maintenance.

2. If it is advised to clean the primary diesel filter, (in the manual supplied with the tractor) clean it or change it.

3. Wash the filters of the tap of the oil-tank.

4. Check the water in the battery. If its relative density is below the mark, change the battery.

After two months (500 hours of work)

1. Follow the monthly schedule of maintenance.

2. Change the other element of diesel filter.

3. Get the injector and diesel pump checked either by an authorized dealer or an experienced mechanic.

4. Contact your authorized dealer or an experienced mechanic for the inspection of valve.

5. Get the dynamo and the self starter inspected.

6. Open the oil tank and clean it.

After four months (100-1200 hours of work)

1. Follow the bi-monthly maintenance schedule.

2. Drain out the oil of the gear box and fill it with a clean oil of the right grade.

3. Drain out the oil of the back-axle and fill clean oil.

4. Change the oil of the Belt-pulley.

5. Clean the filter of the Hydrolic pump.

6. Change the stearing oil.

7. Change the grease of the front wheel.

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