Considerations for the use of baler

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Most of the workers who have handled the packaging equipment know the strapping equipment of the packer. It is obvious that the automatic packer is widely and deeply developed in the packaging industry. Because the procurement costs are relatively low, and save time and money, the industry has made greater progress in the last ten years. Many initial users in the operation of binding machines did not use the instructions, there may be a variety of problems, the following for you to list the use of packaging machine notes, and I hope to help customers.

1. the use of packing machine to confirm the power is wrong before the machine is used in three-phase four wire, thread is ground zero line, play a protective role.

2. in the process of packing machine, do not use your hand to cross the runway of the packing belt to avoid accidental injury.

3., do not use the limbs directly touching the heating plate of the binding machine to prevent scalding.

4. clean automatic packing machine can not be directly washed with water, and the staff shall not work barefoot in damp environment, to prevent electric shock accident.

5. after the end of the work will not take rollback tape next time, to prevent deformation.

6., belt pulley surface can not be covered with oil stains.

7., you can not change parts of the machine, so as to avoid unexpected trouble.

8. always wear the worn parts of the baler and lubricate them regularly.

9. when the machine does not use, remember to unplug the power.

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