Principles for selecting small tractors

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1. Model and power: The choice of model and power should consider the use of tractors and the natural conditions of their application, that is, what to do with the purchase of tractors and under what conditions to use them. This requires knowing the local topography and landform, the size of the field, the scale of production, the types of operations and the amount of operations. When the field is large, the horizon is large and the amount of work is large, especially when the transportation volume is large, the small four-wheel tractor with slightly higher power should be selected, and the tractor with slightly lower power should be chosen instead.

2. the performance of Tractors: the performance of tractors includes dynamic performance, economic performance and service performance. When choosing small tractors, we should consider choosing all kinds of good performance models. Good power performance is reflected in the tractor's sufficient engine power, strong traction energy, good acceleration ability, and high level of overload. The good economic performance is reflected in the low consumption of fuel oil and lubricating oil, low maintenance cost and economic benefit of tractors. The good performance of the tractor is reflected in its flexible, convenient, reliable, safe and comfortable operation, fewer failures in use, long service life of the parts, and it can be suitable for various types of work.

3. Tractor adaptability: The selected tractor should be adapted to the local topography, climate and scale of operation, with a high degree of comprehensive utilization, and be able to carry out a variety of operations with a variety of machinery.

4. Tractor Price: Under the same power and performance conditions, when choosing and purchasing, we should consider the price factor and try to choose the model with good quality and low price.

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