Classification and characteristics of straw baling machine

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Straw packer in accordance with different classification methods, there are many types;

Straw packer is divided into vertical straw packer and horizontal straw packer according to its structure;

In accordance with the degree of automation, straw packer is divided into semi-automatic straw packer, automatic straw packer and manual straw packer.

Straw packer according to different pressure is divided into: 30T, 60T, 160T and so on, can be customized.

Straw packer according to mobility is divided into: fixed straw baler and mobile straw packer.

Characteristics of straw packer

Straw packer has the following characteristics:

A. Packing speed, each bale with just 1 minutes to complete.

Two. The use of imported relays for circuit control, effectively extend the service life of the equipment;

Three. Used 2 mm thick rigid plate, increased the latitude and longitude lines, fixed box, never open welding.

Four. The hydraulic packer has the advantages of moderate operation, simple and convenient operation and more convenient operation, and is suitable for packing lighter articles.

Five. Through the improvement of design and the specialized manufacture of research and development centers, the use of hydraulic baler is expanding. Straw, plastic, pulp, powder and wastepaper can be packaged.

Seven. Hydraulic baler is a mechanical structure, some key components use the domestic famous brand parts

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