The principle of corn straw baling machine

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The hydraulic packing machine comprises a bracket, a bracket with a bottom plate and a front side plate, a bracket is arranged on the jack, Jack is provided with a piston rod, a piston rod connected with the right end of the pushing plate is vertical, the right side of the pushing plate is connected with a pushing stock, the gap between the adjacent push stock rope trough plate; the bracket right with press the upper baffle plate, pressing on the bracket on the left side of the baffle plate is provided with a feed port;

Before and after the support at the right side baffle plate is respectively and fixedly connected with the front and back side baffle, a gap between the adjacent side of the block for rope; the right end of the support bracket is provided with a discharge mouth, right end hinged at the discharge opening a door, the door is connected with the left side of the door, the door of the air gap between adjacent to the door on the rope groove; the cavity before and after the side baffle plate, push plate and a base plate formed by the feed cavity, the cavity block, pressing on the baffle plate, door panels and the bottom plate are surrounded into front and rear side for material squeezing cavity; the door and the right end of the support is fixedly connected with a locking device.

Characteristics of corn stalk baling machine

The corn straw packer adopts hydraulic drive, and can choose manual operation or PLC automatic control.

The packages include flip bag, side push bag, front push bag and manual bag.

A variety of models are available: different pressure, size, size and shape of package.

Where there is no power supply, the diesel engine can be matched with the diesel engine.

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