Spraying machine operating procedures

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First, before the fight

   1. For the safety of nearby residents, patrol notices 2-3 days before the fight to remind residents to pay attention to safety, bring good children, and manage pets.

   2. Operators must wear masks and gloves, long pants and windproof glasses to prevent poisoning.

   3. Whether the screws, bolts, etc. on the machine are in good condition. It can only be used after everything has been checked.

   4. Check the machine for organic oil and gasoline before use.

   5. Whether the vehicle is in good condition and there is no loophole in the medicine.

   6. According to different pests and diseases, use different drugs to prevent and control, strictly according to the instructions for use of drugs.

   Second, preparation before running

     1. It is necessary to work in a weather with good weather and good air quality.

     2. It is not advisable to work at night, in heavy fog and thunderstorms, and not in hot and hot summers.

     3. It is not advisable to work in an environment where there are many people and animals.

     4. The spraying machine must be able to be used normally, sprayed with water, and there is no leakage everywhere.

     5. The power machine and the liquid pump are all running normally, the drainage is no problem, and the pressure regulation is normal.

     6. The operator has a cultural level, understand the performance, methods of use and precautions of the fight.

     7. The operator is in good health, no heart disease, high blood pressure, no mental illness, no drug allergy symptoms.

     8. Can not work in emotional instability, fatigue or after drinking. Be strict with your position during your homework and pay attention to pedestrian dynamics.

     9. Workers should wear full-scale labor insurance products, wear rubber gloves and glasses when dispensing or windy.

   Third, the provisions of equipment handover

     1. The shifter must ensure that the fightr is normal, and the oil and lubrication are normal. If there is an abnormality, explain it to the successor and make a record.

     2. The shifter should clean the body of the fighter and drain the liquid from the pump.

   4. Provisions for operating procedures, operating sequences and operating methods

     1. You must wear qualified and effective labor insurance products before starting.

     2. Before starting, make preparations before starting according to the instructions for use of the power machine, and put the absorbent leaching net into the water.

     3. When starting, first rotate the pressure regulating wheel a few times in the direction of “low”, and then press the pressure regulating handle to “pressure relief” in a clockwise direction.

     4. After starting, if the power machine and the liquid pump are all running normally and there is no problem in drainage, the pressure regulating handle can be “pressurized” in the counterclockwise direction. Then tighten the pressure wheel in the "high" direction to reach the required pressure, and the start rope must be slowly placed in the original position after starting.

    5. Before use, it should be sprayed with clean water. No leakage is required everywhere, and leakage is excluded.

     6. When using the spray gun, do not spray directly on the tree to avoid damage to the crop.

     7. Spray should pay attention to the wind direction, under normal circumstances, spray as much as possible in order to prevent poisoning.

     8. When dispensing pharmaceutical liquids, it should be carried out in strict proportion and in the order required. Dispensing personnel should wear a full range of labor protection products. After the preparation is completed, the empty bottles are collected in a centralized manner, and it is not allowed to be randomly littered.

     9. During the operation, the vehicle should run at a constant speed, pay attention to passing vehicles and pedestrians; spray workers should pay attention to passing vehicles and pedestrians. If necessary, turn the spray switch down or off; at the same time, pay attention to fixing the vehicle and other objects and articles that may be damaged by the liquid. Moreover, the staff can't stay away from work, and always pay attention to the drug cart.

     10. Before stopping, the pressure regulating handle must be pulled in the unloading position. If it is stopped for more than one hour, the fuel tank switch must be closed and placed at the specified location after returning to the team.

     11. After the spraying operation, it is necessary to continue spraying for a few minutes with clean water to clean the liquid pump and the residual liquid in the pipeline, then dehydrate the operation for a few minutes, drain the residual water in the pump, and wear it when spraying. Work clothes, hats, masks, and goggles are cleaned.

     12. The remaining liquid is sealed, and the container is placed in a warehouse that is well ventilated and difficult for personnel to enter.

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